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Saturdays in Books 4 years ago
The food thing drove me up a wall with this one. By the end, I was convinced that the magic luck that gets her out of mortal danger is also what puts her in mortal danger because almost dying is the only way to get her to freaking eat something.

Also, all that time spent trying to build a map of LA to set up some office banter? Are you kidding me?

And when she changed the voice on the GPS it's possible that I said, out loud, "because what you need, Linnet, is another man telling you what to do."
lol about the GPS. :)

Excellent point--she does need magic luck, because it gets her to eat.... and because she really doesn't think things through/strategize. Very unlawerly lawyer.

LA is unmapable. I remember when I moved there (pre-GPS days)--people actually had giant 1-inch thick map books to help them navigate around unfamiliar parts.

This is one of my old imported reviews and I see the formatting didn't translate well--I could never figure out how to get into the block ones and edit. So thank you for bearing with the formatting to read the review!
Saturdays in Books 4 years ago
Unlawerly indeed!

I'm so on the fence about reading the next one, whenever it comes out. I found this one really disappointing as a follow up to the first, and have thought up so many additional criticisms since I posted that I should probably add my own review, ha! But mostly it's her relationship with food that made this so hard to read.

On the other hand, this is supposed to be a trilogy so maybe I can do one more?
If you do, I'd say go through a library. :) Who knows, though--the first had such promise. I'll look forward to your review!