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Steve McKinney 9 years ago
A great favorite; one of the most delightful books I've ever read. :-)
Steve McKinney 9 years ago
The sequels are great fun as well, though in my opinion neither quite reaches the same pinnacle.
I'm going to search out the next two.
bookaneer 9 years ago
This looks fantastic... I'll miss it as the BOM but it looks like an awesome read.
bookaneer 9 years ago
I love your review, btw, especially the comparisons with The Princess Bride. I wonder how much Chinese myth and folktale Hughart encorporated into his stories.
Bun's Books 9 years ago
Quite a lot. Both myth and folktale and literary conventions. The story of the Princess and the Cowherd that is the overarching myth of the book is a traditional Chinese tale as are a number of the tales that form the basis of different episodes along the way. The way the story is told also has elements from classic Chinese stories.
Traveller 9 years ago
Nice review BRF! I have it and been wanting to read it.
Listen, guess what--today I can't get into Goodreads. Wherever I try to access it from, it says "page unavailable" for me.... :(( Maybe they've decided I'm too much of a stirrer and summarily blocked my account. People say my account is still there, though. Sorry to post this here- you can always remove it again hopefully...
Traveller--no worries, at least I'm connected to you here. I'm going to be making an effort to spend some time here daily, getting the feel of things and checking on my friends. It's a little more like facebook because of the dash feed
Carly, Nenia, Maudie-it starts a little slow, like P.B. Then, you're suddenly in the midst of a renegade wise man. I just found it the perfect read right now and counterpoint to the rest of my life.
Imagine That 9 years ago
Great review. Added to my TBR with thanks.
Bun's Books 9 years ago
I really like the comparison between Princess Bride and Bridge of Birds, a LOT.

Also, for people who like the general feel of this, you might check out the Judge Dee stories by Robert Van Gulik. They are murder mysteries rather than fantasy, but they've got some of the same flavor, and are also based on Chinese stories.
Thanks, Bun. I was trying to find something that captured that irreverent but fond feeling.
Bun's Books 9 years ago
You succeeded! Princess Bride is a familiar reference for a lot of people and I do agree that it really shares that irreverent fondness for its antecedents with Bridge of Birds. Drawing on a different background of histories and tales but with the same attitude toward them.

Plus it has that thing where one minute you are laughing and the next you are genuinely moved. Like you said, irreverent but also recognizing that the stories aren't just silly they are also about heroism and love and adventure and courage. Real stuff. And silly. Together. Also I just adore Master Li.