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bookaneer 9 years ago
Holy. This is getting unbelievable. I forget who said it--Clouds or Ceridwen, maybe?--but GR should realise that by the time they're trying to play whack-a-mole with their top reviewers, they most definitely have a problem. Are you going to "keep violating GR guidelines"?
O.M.G. Killer. They tried to disappear you. This shit gets more 1984 every time I turn around. @Carly, I haven't pulled reviews yet, but I'm likely going to be doing it. I'm there for the groups/friends, but I'm not really following many new discussions, actively tracking books or other reviewers except for protesters.
Carol, I completely forget to leave you a note. I hope that it's OK that I added link to this in my 'About Me' page. If not, for whatever reason, let me know & I'll delete. Thanks. :)
Sure, no problem Karma.
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 9 years ago
Did they ever follow back up or delete your reviews? I'm still wondering how much of their rawring is really backed up by an order to delete or just empty threats in hope everyone will suddenly play nice.
Empty threats... or corporate reversal. They never did either--delete the reviews or remove me. But I'm ready to be removed :)
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 9 years ago
Hee, I knew you were! I was somehow sure that if they did an attempted during-the-night-sneaky removal of you, you would definitely let us know! (So we could react accordingly!)

I do hope someday we find out what the hell they were thinking they'd accomplish with all this. In some sort of tell-all book or article.
I felt like that for awhile, Killer, but I think the life of social media sites is more limited--I feel like there is such a blatant attempt to commercialize the site-- "Amy Tan is now a Goodreads Author!" and "Q&A with Author Kim Harrison" and then the thousands of indies that just join groups to work in mention of their books... it just feels a little more like a big city and you have to keep your wits about you and figure out who is a sock puppet, who is genuine... and Booklikes just feels village-ish. I like their database, but I don't know that I ever would go back with the same enthusiasm.
Make that 'any enthusiasm.'