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bookaneer 8 years ago
Name = owch. Even for me.
Nice review...trying to decide whether to TBR, given your comments on the bleakness of the overall message.
It's fun, there's just no alternative. It's like talking to a super-pessimistic friend about the future for six hours. The dated science might drive you nuts--there's some stuff about computers that doesn't really make sense to me, so I just went with it. Then again, there's the spirit of 'gotta-catch-a-classic.'
bookaneer 8 years ago
Oh, I've given up on the idea of Being a Scifi Master. And the sneering, close-minded anti-Christian venom is getting old. Plus, I'm usually the super-pessimistic friend, and I don't really want to talk to me about the future for six hours. Fun review, though!
Ha. You make me laugh. I prefer to think of "pessimistic" as "analytical realism." Guess which side of the fence I'm on?
Book Ramblings 6 years ago
Do you primarily use Booklikes or GR?
Sigh, it was back to Goodreads. While I love Booklikes visuals, their cataloguing system was impossible for me to every get a grip on, let alone keeping my 'currently' reading current. I gave up on how many times it would shelve something I read as unread or without a star rating. I'm sure bugs have improved, but.... But. Sigh.