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Murder by Death 9 years ago
Oh my, The Electric Company. That was such a wonderful flashback to my childhood! Thank you - you made me smile!
Oh my gosh, I remembered that scream driving me crazy even as a kid!
Murder by Death 9 years ago
Nope, for me it was Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood. *He* drove me crazy (although I liked the puppets in the kingdom...)
Liz Loves Books.Com. 9 years ago
I love these novels. I've finished the ones so far and wish she would do another! I'm not quite so fond of the "offshoot" series but that is good as well. :)
It'll be interesting to see where it goes. The plotting in this wasn't that complex, but I loved the storytelling/narrative device.
bookaneer 9 years ago
Glad you liked it, and lol (literally) for the music! I have never heard the song/ seen Fame... wonder if Griffin has... You'll have to watch out for the in-jokes and report back :)
I actually like the "offshoot" series better, mainly because I'm sooo tired of the self-destructive protagonist and high death count in the Matthew Swift books. Plus, in the midst of wondering what Sharon would be like as a real acquaintance, I realised I have a good friend who's a lot like her, multicoloured highlighters, hyper-organization, self-helpery and all.
I'll have to write a real review, but I couldn't help myself with the song references.
Well, you know. If you must have an ear worm, it might as well be an inspiring one. ;)
Spare Ammo 9 years ago
You didn't really say if you DID learn to dance/perform-did you? As one introvert to another I can say that the stage is a marvelous place to learn about your inner diva.
No, Spare~ a brief foray into tap class and the required piano/violin lessons until high school, then drama class in high school. A friend convinced me to audition for a choir group in high school and after she witnessed it, never brought it up again. Alas, that my inner diva has no talent. ;)

So what does your inner diva do on stage?
Spare Ammo 9 years ago
I haven't performed in a while but I belonged to a near and middle eastern dance troupe, Troupe Ta'amullat. See my younger self with a cane on my head
love it!