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Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia 7 years ago
Ooooh! I just realised this is Felix Castor Mike Carey. LOVE him. And I must have been really out of touch for the last few months to have never even heard of this book. Which I now must go find a copy of. (Or, my memory is going. I already had it on my list, based on Moonlight Reader's review hah)
Krazykiwi, I completely get it. Sometimes we need friends' reviews to remind us.... and remind us again. :) She was probably one of the ones (besides bookaneer) who spurred me to move it up the TBR list.
Merle 7 years ago
Yes, thank you for the reminder!

I didn't realize Carey is a man. These days I see initials, especially on a genre book, and assume the author is female. Makes sense for a man writing first person from a female POV though.
I believe Carey is also a very Big Name in the graphic novel/superhero world (I'm not involved at all, but I believe that's how he made his start), and then had the Felix Castor books. I can see how he would want something this different to have a different brand/feel/ be taken on its own and not just dismissed because of his other work.
Merle 7 years ago
That makes sense too - using initials is a way to still use his real name but make it something different on the cover.
bookaneer 7 years ago
Lovely review. The comments also got me following Midnight Reader. I want to ask more about what you thought of the ending, but... no spoilertags in comments. I'm tempted to go bug you on GR... :)

Namewise, I still want someone to explain to me why Orbit refers to it as a "pseudonym" for "a well-known" author. Why not at least say it in the bio?
The whole "pseudonym" author thing confuses me, especially when it is an open secret (JK Rowling? J.D. Hobb?) My only guess is the genre issues, but still, weird. I get Carey a little bit more, because this is more like Lit-fiction than anything else he's done and his genre rep isn't cross genre enough to boost sales (the way Rowling's does).