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BrokenTune 3 years ago
LoL. So, first Snap and now Warlight, thanks to your reviews both books will be added to my library wishlist. :) I do agree, tho, that these are unlikely contenders for the Booker. Neither are what I would hope to discover on a Booker list. Saying that, tho, The Blind Assassin was a mystery (largely), too. And that was a book that deserved the win, imo.
Chris Blocker 3 years ago
Oh, I'm just getting started. Booker Season is on!

Certainly, mysteries should not be outright excluded, but there's an expectation for the story to rise above the norm. I haven't read The Blind Assassin (yet), but having read other Atwood, I guarantee her work was nothing like Snap. Warlight is one that made sense on the list, it just failed to connect with me.