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Sounds great to me. I think my 2014 resolution will be to call out slut-shaming wherever I run into it.
Princess Eva Rose 5 years ago
I object to calling women whores because it is a word that has been solely used to shame women for the same acts that men get to used as "experience." I do agree on some level that pop stars now have been "pornified", of course women have been sexually objectified for centuries, but somehow I feel that we live in a mainstream porn society where porn is way more easily accessible than before. You can no longer be sexy by simply showing your belly, like Britney Spears did in the late 90's and early 2000's, female pop starts now strut around in g strings and barely there bras.

For obvious reasons, I feel that the image now being portrayed by pop starts everywhere is troubling because it pressures girls into thinking that their only value is in their bodies. It portrays to men that women are sexual objects and not people. There is nothing wrong with a woman owning up to her sexuality, but I feel that the way many of this singers are going about it is wrong. The way to fight an oppressive and toxic patriarchal idea that women are objects is through education.

I don't know if I explained myself right.
No, I get you. And I agree that about the taste level, but I suppose that could be in the eye of the beholder. Nonetheless, it is at the very least potentially damaging for young people to see popular young women become less known for their artistic expressions and more known for offering up their bodies for admiration.

I have no problem with discussing that issue with varying viewpoints, but we can't expect to start a healthy dialogue by name-calling (and the word "whore" has so many negative connotations that I seriously don't want to get started on it). Also, I have tremendous distaste for anyone who expresses self pity, especially on a grand stage.

Anyway, that's just me talking, I don't know.
I have heard the suggestion to think about what terms you would use for a man in the same situation. A man dressing suggestively would probably be called tacky or exhibitionist rather than whore or slut.