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The Book Lantern 5 years ago
Have you read The Other Boleyn Girl? Gregory's full hate-on for Anne Boleyn is really something.
I haven't, actually. This is the first Gregory book I've read, and if it wasn't for the historical setting, it might have been a DNF.

I saw the movie, which was okay (I'm being generous). It did seem to cast Anne Boleyn as a combination of Iago and Lady Macbeth, which seemed...odd.
Her book about Katherine Howard is a shocker. I know she was very young when she married Henry, but the way Gregory portrayed her, I kept expecting her to say "OMG he's totes adorbs!!!!!!1!!"
The Book Lantern 5 years ago
If you ever get bored, the BBC made a version of The Other Boleyn Girl years before the movie. She really doesn't like Anne Boleyn.