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Karen's books 5 years ago
If you're thinking the movies are awesome, just WAIT until you read the books! By far Harry Potter will always be the greatest, most engaging and entertaining series I will ever read. And I was waaaaay into my adulthood when I finally read them. I am a proud Potterhead to the end. Love love love Harry Potter. My advice would be to not watch any more of the movies until you've read the books. I love the movies, but there is so much more in the books that you need to know and love! Trust me. =)
:) Well maybe adulthood is the key!! I'll definitely start reading them and get on it! :) LOL haha I definitely have been enjoying it! I just hope that I love the books as much as I enjoyed watching the movies!! :)
Wrighty's Reads 5 years ago
I totally agree with Karen! I read the first book before it was popular when I found it at my library. I was in love! It's the most creative and interesting series I've ever read and there are so many interesting tidbits that go with it. Hope you enjoy it this time!
Yea I first read it when I was 12, which is when the first book came out. No one had really heard of it but I was obsessed with witches and all that at the time so when I saw it, I thought I would love it. But I just couldn't get myself to read it all the way through. I would get bored and then read another book and come back to it and then bored again and read another book and then come back again, etc. lol A lot of my friends had no idea what it was and so no one was like "we should read this together!" I might've stuck with it if that was the case. Then when the movie came out-I was 14 or 15 and so I tried again because I wanted to read the book before I saw the movie but I ended up not even seeing the movie because I couldn't enjoy the book. lol So I have no idea why I couldn't enjoy it so I never joined the bandwagon. :(
Until this something must've changed for me. I won't lie though that I didn't absolutely LOVE the sorcerer's stone or chamber of secrets....the prisoner of azkaban is what gripped me. Then I was like-ok I need to read this because this is good. :) LOL
Literary Creature 5 years ago
READ THE BOOKS FIRST!! I am a die hard HP fan haha Team Slytherin!
Literary Creature 5 years ago
check out my guinea pig on my icon, reference to HP! I won't say what it is but you'll get it when you read the books bahaha
You're Team Slytherin!!! But they seem so mean!!! lol Ok I gotta read before I can choose a team! :) LOL hahaha And I'll definitely read so I can get the reference!! I wanna be in on the joke too! :) lol hahaha Ok guys, I will trust you all and get started on the books before I go any farther! :) LOL Should I read all the books first and THEN watch the rest of the movies or read the book then watch the matching movie and then read a book, etc? What are your thoughts?? :)
Literary Creature 5 years ago
But they are so much cooler! So much history in that team! and take advantage of the new book covers that came out this year! I expect you to tell me all about it btw bahaha