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Stiletto is just as good!
Awesome! Now I just need to wait for Hatchet to lower the price of their ebook. $13.99 is a ridiculous price!
Yep, that is just completely and utterly ridiculous...
Murder by Death 2 years ago
Ok, between your review and Books, Hockey... 's review I'm curious. I don't care about the colourful four letter language, but you mention liquified people: is this a gory or graphic book at all? Because I'm on board for the mystery, the supernatural and the duck, but I don't like graphic violence or scenes where the author drags the reader in and makes them wallow in the gore.
There were definitely scenes that were graphic but I don't remember feeling like it was over the top. Of course, my memories are 4years old. I'm sure Dan can speak more authoritatively :-)
I'm comfortable saying this book is NOT gory. It is graphic in its descriptions at times, but it's all supernatural type stuff. Think getting slimed Ghostbuster style, but taken up a few notches. Not human-on-human graphic, bloody, gory violence. It's all meant to be fun, not sensational or shocking. I highly recommend.
Murder by Death 2 years ago
That's what I needed - Thanks! I'll definitely check this out, it sounds like loads of fun. :)
Great! I'm sure you'll enjoy it!