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"There's enough sadness in the world. I don't need to read books about it."

Amen to that!
Truth, right? Not sure why some revel in it.
deannahello 2 years ago
I read this year's ago after reading and loving no country for old men. No country is very spare writing as well, but this on wasn't for me. To bleak and depressing.
Hey Dan, do you post your reviews any other place besides here and GR?
I don't, but I'd like to find a place with good blogging function and highly interactive. Any suggestions? Booklikes is becoming so clunky it's unusable.
Well, so far, Wordpress is working out for me. I'm following a couple of fellow, and former, booklikers and trying to find more people. I've got enough at the moment that I am starting to get choosy. No database, but I am starting to check out librarything for that and I am keeping my own reviews on my computer.
Not so compact as here at booklikes, or GR, but wordpress works nor do they try to censor me :-)
I've thought about Wordpress. It seems like it takes a lot of work to create a post. How do you follow people? Do you have to open each blog you follow one at a time to see what's new? Or is there a way to view them all in a feed like Booklikes? Plus I'm not really interested in re-creating all my reviews. Booklikes so nicely imported all my Goodreads stuff...

Thoughts on that stuff?
There's a "Reader" panel that works pretty much like the dashboard here, except that it also allows you to follow all sorts of non-Wordpress blogs, in fact pretty much everything that has an RSS feed (including Blogger and Tumblr blogs, blog-style individual websites, etc.) On other Wordpress blogs, you can "like" and comment straight off the Reader, which has a preview of the post in its main feed, with a window to open the entire post without actually leaving the "Reader" panel if you don't want to.

Also, to respond to a comment you don't have to open the blog post in question; rather, there's a separate "action" window on the right side of your screen (for "likes", comments, etc.) that slides open when you click on a little bell in the upper righthand corner of your screen which alerts you to all responses to your own actions (again, not merely blog posts but comments, responses, etc.). With all of these features, WP actually does go a long way towards facilitating interaction if you're so minded.

Creating posts is a bit of a learning curve initially, but trust me, it's not very steep and prolongued, and once you get a hang of all that Wordpress has to offer, it's hard not to like a lot of the features they have. Besides, WP has great "Help" panels and resources. I think Troy had a lot of interaction with them when he recently started to build his WP blog, and they seem to have been able to assist him in a lot of ways ... I noticed he went from grumbling ("nothing works the way I want it to") to all-out enthusiasm ("screw BookLikes, I'm moving over to Wordpress full time") in practically no time at all. He's still on BookLikes for the next week or so; you may want to check in with him to find out more about his experience.
For fairness's sake, I should add that (by an inofficial count of the blogs I'm following via my WP Reader) Wordpress AND Blogger are the most frequently-used blog platforms used by those of the Booklikes crowd who have created alternative homes elsewhere. Blogger seems to be easier to find your way 'round initially, but I think its customization options are more limited, too. -- Also, it's owned by Google and seems to have settings that facilitate the deletion of certain advance release reviews, and / or reviews of graphic novels -- I don't remember who reported having a problem with this earlier this year (might have been Bark's Book Nonsense; not sure, though), but I DO remember that it seems to have been a fair amount of hassle to deal with that situation.
Wow, that sounds great then. Now I just need to figure out how to port my reviews from here to there so I don't have to recreate them.
Unfortunately, you can't. Booklikes has no export feature. You can sync reviews from here to various places [wordpress, gr] but I don't know how it works retro-actively.
You might be stuck up a creek.
That's exactly what I am. We'll see how this goes.