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I'll honestly probably continue using BL mostly on the laptop. But I've always said I hope you get to the most requested items for other users even when I wouldn't necessarily use them.

So I'm glad to hear this - that it's something you're working on - because I know it'll make this place easier to use for the majority of people. And the transparency - letting us know why it's taking longer than some had hoped - means a lot, too. As a user, I don't need things fixed/done immediately, but I sure do appreciate knowing why and that it might not be immediate. Thanks for being so responsive and respectful to everyone who uses this site.

PS - that last Thursday candy was pretty awesome. So thank you for that, too.
Dawid Piaskowski 5 years ago
Just wait for this week's release... :-]
I'm already excited.
KatieMc 5 years ago
I love the Thursday updates and that you are a proactive development organization. As a software developer who manages many products, I totally understand your prioritization quandary. The responsive approach is a great idea, but there will probably be glitches on all platforms along the way. Have you considered taking the google approach and calling a new site/mobile app a beta (sometimes indefinitely)? That acknowledges that it is not yet fully functional, but gives early adopters something to use.
Dawid Piaskowski 5 years ago
We're releasing new features every Thursday - there is no time for beta program ;-)
Dawid Piaskowski 5 years ago
Thanks! :-)