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Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 10 years ago
I completely agree with Petra's "hate campaigns" comment - it's amazing to me that people reading the various reviews/reactions/comments assume that there's some kind of coordinated effort going on when that's not at all the way the internet or social media ever work. Unless of course you find an actual group giving suggestions to post X and Y. Most all cases of this have to do with people reacting to the same thing, discussing it, and the reacting to all of that. Authors that think every instance is coordinated and organized? They're very quickly going to sound ridiculously paranoid.

But then opinion leadership has been studied since the 1950s at least - and it's not really leadership the way it's usually defined.

Sock Poppet at Play 10 years ago
This is the sentence I disliked: "A number of authors have written into Good e-Reader over the last few days about the rising online bullying campaign that is being waged against indie authors."

People talking online about badly behaving authors is not a "bullying campaign that is being waged against indie authors." It is people talking about authors who behave badly, just like they would talk if they were having dinner. Because conversations happen online does not make it a campaign.
Khanh the Killjoy 10 years ago
Petra, I agree completely.