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Debbie's Spurts 2 years ago
I swear, some of her books have nearly a hundred thousand ratings and tens of thousands of reviews on goodreads (like ) -- and she can't just wait for release of the next in series to naturally bury the hated 1-star review (which while I think it's quite well done really is repeating elements other readers also mention in both positive and negative reviews). This particular book already has 390 Amazon and 700+ goodreads reviews (3.7K ratings), scheduled group BOTM reads as well as new release are expected to really blow up those statistics -- and she just cannot wait for this 1-star to get buried in the upcoming deluge?
Linda Hilton 2 years ago
I guess she thinks she's a princess trying to sleep on a pea. What a waste.
i feel like all these authors that want to do away with bad reviews are like kids on little league teams.. everyone gets a trophy just for participating kind of thing. no ones feelings get hurt and no one is better or worse than the other no matter how good or bad they are.
the fact that someone on her fb page left a comment about amazons review policy and she commented with "Kim Harrison: Then perhaps they should review how reviews are ranked so a one star review from a very casual reviewer doesn't represent an average four star book for ten months. I got sick of looking at it, and I didn't try to get it removed. I tried get it off the spotlight." if she can't accept her fans reviews and ratings she shouldnt be a writer. everyone is entitled to their opinion. the only reason it was up there is because so many others voted the review up which is why its on spotlight. she should just accept that there are people that agree with the reviewer even if she doesn't.
Debbie's Spurts 2 years ago
Yeah, that screenshot was from Tez.

I'm just flabbergasted by this. She's not a newbie. She's had hundreds of thousands of negative reviews, posts and comments about her books before -- why this reaction to an actually calm, lucid review?

I know this scifi series hasn't been as popular as the ones she wrote as "Dawn Cook" or the urban fantasy she writes as "Kim Harrison" (not sure if publisher or author decision to put "Kim" on the Peri Reed sci-fi series to capitalize on the bestseller status but confuse some fans). But, it has been popular. Popular enough and rated/reviewed enough it's a bizarre overreaction to a one-star review.

I'm not even going to believe the backpedalling she's likely to do. Too little, too late. Bad enough she bizarrely overreacted but she is certainly stubbornly sticking with it. A future backpedal I won't believe is her honest effort -- it will be because her fan clubs start objecting (she seriously has a lot of fan groups and fanpoodles, I even used to be one) and/or because publisher insisted. I don't think I'm the only one who canceled my preorder of November's book (wasn't that interested in the series based on sample but with Apple ebook settlement credit and such a fave author ...).

Not going to believe it but should prove interesting to watch the backpedal attempts.
Linda Hilton 2 years ago
I've got the screen shots, too, Debbie. And may I say, as an author, that I'm absolutely furious. I am sick and tired of this whining from best selling authors. I'm angry and I'm not going to stop being angry.
TezMillerOz 2 years ago
I've seen no signs of backpeddling yet. She's posting as normal on Facebook - shared a photo of a cake she made for her mother. I checked the comments on her post from yesterday, and she seems to only have responded to my screenshot of Amazon's policy.

Since there's not enough pushback against her post from other authors, she'll likely pretend it never happened - or she'll do it again.

"has more on his booklikes posts" - should be "her" ;-)
Debbie's Spurts 2 years ago
Oops -- I forgot you were a girl. Er ... wait ... can I backpedal to falsely claim I thought Tez was a typo for Tex or that I was using the "his" as collective genders?
TezMillerOz 2 years ago
No worries ;-)
Well, guess whose books just summarily made my BBA and "No thanks" shelves. Both those published as Kim Harrison and those published as Dawn Cook. As have, for that matter, all books by Ava Miles. (Shrug ...)
Debbie's Spurts 2 years ago
She has such a fan base. She could have just posted sporadically about some of the five star reviews to draw attention to them with things like " brought up an interesting point. I blah-blah-blah..." and those would have been seen by fan base and likely just up voted naturally without her ever actually campaigning to manipulate the voting on Amazon to bury an unwanted negative review.

It's hardly unlikely that sometimes readers vote "most helpful" the reviews they agree with. So if they agreed with the 1-star review she wanted buried, they'd vote it helpful. So if instead "fans" were seeing the 5-star reviews ... That's just how it works; she's gotten both positive and negative reviews before so I'm really struggling with why that one review drove her to violating Amazon TOS by manipulating the reviews there.
You know, I'm really past asking "why" some authors do this. It's bad form, period, and I'm just not going to bother with any author who goes down that road. My personal choice -- regardless how others choose to respond, and regardless however few or many others there are.

I agree, there would have been a million ways she could have handled this situation better. But she didn't, and she stuck to her line of action instead of instantly admitting she'd made a mistake. That's really all I need to see at this point.

I don't care if she's a bestselling author or a self-published newbie just trying to break into the market. (Or, well, I care to the extent that in a well-established author with an equally well-established publisher to provide professional marketing services, it strikes me, if anything, as even more ridiculous and unnecessary.) I'm just not going to touch anything by any author who not only is uncomfortable with the notion of negative reviews (highly exposed ones, at that) AND who then even tries to game the system to get rid of them.
Debbie's Spurts 2 years ago
I boycott every author doing this. It just hurts less when it's a newbie author , an author never doing so before or an author unknown to me. Well, doesn't hurt at all and I don't feel so stupid for past support of them if I wasn't a fan already buying/reading them.

A week ago and I would have pointed to Kim Harrison and said "This. This is how it's done. This is how you engage with your readers. This is how you succeed. This is why she is so popular and followed. This is why once I get into one of her series I preorder all the rest as soon as possible even if hardcover prices."
Debbie's Spurts 2 years ago
*snort* now someone's saying (on the Amazon review author wants up-voted) that commenters talking about the Facebook post are clearly just on a witch hunt because did not review the book themselves plus if they were fans as claimed they would post reviews on Amazon (only one commenter claimed to be a fan, aka my household kindle account)

Yes *snark* not reviewing the book on Amazon defines "witch hunt" and means you are not a fan of the author.

Their comment: "...This witch hunt seems very personal since neither commentor has done so [review the book], despite claiming they are massive fans of the author."

Debbie's Spurts 2 years ago
Anyone who wants to give publisher feedback (and make sure they get the link to Facebook post) like I dd, their contact form is at
Debbie's Spurts 2 years ago
Well, well, well. The link to the Facebook post now says "Page Not Found."

Damn, I forgot to screenshot and put that link into the Wayback Machine and Google Cache before it disappeared.

Author, as far as I know, has not commented about the removal. I wonder if Amazon or publisher Simon & Schuster being linked to it in complaints had anything to do with the removal? I was actually expecting a "...staff did without my knowledge..", some backpedalling "gee, I didn't mean anyone to take it that way and [now that the attack/voting by fans has successfully hidden the negative review] won't do it again" or if this had been the Kim Harrison I used to admire even an actual apology post.

I'm not tempted to suddenly review on Amazon again to add a negative review; I'm sure it wouldn't stay on first page even if I did.
Hah. I hope someone saved a screenshot somewhere ...
TezMillerOz 2 years ago
I saved a screenshot:
TezMillerOz 2 years ago
And I saved her reply to my comment (which I shared a screenshot of Amazon's Anti-Manipulation Policy for Customer Reviews: (screenshot of the reply from my email inbox)
this is so ridiculous ... i am so disappointed in her
Debbie's Spurts 2 years ago
I have a sinking feeling that it got removed after she got the review buried. That maybe she has done that more than once and I just never noticed. Not good; for authors with her standing totally unnecessary anyway so makes it somehow worse to me than some desparate newbie action.

Since I don't review (nor usually up/down vote reviews) on Amazon, I didn't upvote the negative one nor downvote the positive review. Probably with my luck Amazon would have considered my vote "suspicious activity" anyway -- but my bad girl side wishes that instead of her fans upvoting the desired positive review there had been a flood of upvotes on the negative review she wanted buried. It was not exactly a nasty review; a rather believable one that spoke of what worked and did not work for that reader.
I didn't understand the people cheering her on. "Well said." "We support you" "Way to go" chants really kind of upset me because it means to those authors who said that think its okay to change or remove or heck I don't know what they want to call it but it feels like censorship and I would agree with them if it was a review that was one of those author bashing kind of reviews or personally attacking her or her works but it wasn't.
ChibiNeko (guest) 2 years ago
Some of us came up with a theory that this might have come about because sales for Drafter have been relatively poor in comparison to her Hollows series, as the first book was released in hardback and the next one is going straight to paperback. That's usually a sign of dismal sales, at least in hardback format, since it can take a while for publishers to give up on selling an author's work in hardback, since that's where the big money lies. The one star review wouldn't have bothered her in the past when her other work was selling well and landing on bestseller lists, but since her new series is only doing a fraction of the movement the Hollows did, the one star reviews stand out and bug her more.
TezMillerOz 2 years ago
Don't tell KH her Most Recent review is a 2-star...
Debbie's Spurts 2 years ago
*holds breath* awaiting author reaction.

That was pure snark; I no longer check to see what she's posting. I figure if she tries this again or if she tries backpedalling someone else will eventually post about it.