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Jennifer's Books 5 years ago
I'm browsing the catalog now, and I've seen Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and The Hobbit so far.
Debbie's Spurts 5 years ago
Yeah -- those have been in the launch of almost everything, including when prime first launched with KOLL and even stuff from Barnes and Noble.

I didn't look through the entire sections of romance, comics and graphic novels, or genres that don't normally interest me.

Or look very long at any of it; all of this is just a general first impression. I was hopeful from the hype that more traditionally published books would be on offer (even if older publications or solely the first in a series).

Certainly not saying that Amazon published books are bad books -- but disappointed they seem to be predominating the books in program. Which turns the new benefit of "Prime Reading" from something for readers with prime subscription into a way to get Amazon's imprints more visibility and more readers.