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Martini 6 years ago
I started the first book of the author's Accidental Demon Slayer series a while ago and couldn't finish it, it was too predictable. Is this one similar?
Debbie's Spurts 6 years ago
No clue yet, library waitlist interrupted my reading plans. I'm not the biggest cozy mystery fan.

I actually quite liked Accidental Demon Slayer which made me want to give this one a go (just found ADS a fun, light, quirky read where I even have read most of the rest of the series despite wishing heroine was less predictable and thinking series really could have ended with any number of the books in it). Nothing obsessive about that series for me; I could quite patiently wait to read next book without pre-ordering. But, I liked it enough to keep reading.
Martini 6 years ago
Okay, thanks Debbie. I think I'll skip this one. :)