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YouKneeK 7 years ago
Try leaving the word “by” out of your search. You’re getting those results because they contain the word “by” in the Title. If I try searching “Dune Frank Herbert”, I get better results.
Debbie's Spurts 7 years ago

But, I do think booklikes needs to tweak the database/search so these results aren't the first to show (most in use by booklikers come first, ones with most editions first would likely dump the about-the-book-books to last, some member or librarian option to denote is about the book rare than being the book...)
Yeah, that's the way I default search because of the "interesting" results you can get on the GR search engine. Title then author or just author's last name, no "by" or comma. If I'm really desperate I'll pull out the ISBN.
Sometimes I just shelve from Amazon. That way I get the exact edition I want.
7 years ago
I had this issue with searching books for a while and found that if I don't use full title and author, I got better results.
Kate says 7 years ago
So sorry! Please remove the "by" word to get better results. The search option will be under reviews. One more time sorry :/