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That does seem like a bizarre step backwards, even to someone who prefers to post reviews on their main blog and port them into the blogging site. I mean... WP isn't exactly a minor blogging platform...
Debbie's Spurts 1 year ago
Yes, bizarre. At least it was emailed with a decent subject line rather than buried in an obscurely titled thread in feedback group.

What's next? A notice that the "my books" export/backup no longer includes ratings and reviews due to changes in how stored? That the new "storage" method is precursor to echoing your reviews to ... (yeah, I know, my paranoid distrust of goodreads is showing; I tend to jump to the worst conclusions on them.)
I'll admit that I jumped ship awhile ago on Goodreads, sometimes check in on two different book clubs, but mostly to see what they're reading and don't even bother with the discussions anymore.
Debbie's Spurts 1 year ago
Without signing in or joining, everyone can still see and use goodreads book data.

I have a couple of groups there (dwindling). Haven't deleted my account because that's where I go to see friend list to check what other sites their profiles show them on. I try to track currently reading and read books (no reviews or text reading progress posts) for a bit then export to backup in case something happens wth my ther book sites (booklikes still really, really, really needs an export/backup option if only separate ones for shelvings and for reviews).
What keeps me over there is modding one group (a very easy group to mod, too), participating in another, and Listopia.

This move strikes me as bizarre, even for them.
Yikes. They may lose people.i tend to not read reviews that direct me to a blog though like so many reviewers seem to these days.
Debbie's Spurts 1 year ago
I wish that you could mark a review there as "abstract" rather than full review (like you can for having spoilers). That goodreads asked reviewers to click if full review or abstract, possibly even asking them to put in a link that would display as "Click for full review" — all showing very first line of review or even next to the rating.

I understand why bloggers do that — a combination of goodreads large membership to drive traffic to their blog and/or not trusting goodreads with their full reviews anymore.

I just loathe clicking to expand to read more of a review and only then finding out I have to go to another site to finish reading the review.
Rane Aria 1 year ago
Damn, that's just so weird. I wonder if GR/Amazon is trying to tie in the reviewer market to just their sites? As you see Blogger/Blogspot hasn't been effected yet...GR is pulling a Photobucket scandal now!
I'm pretty sure that's it, yes. Wordpress is (almost) as inclusive as Bloglovin' when it comes to following "off site" blogs -- I wonder when Blogspot is going to toe the Amazon line, stop reciprocating with Wordpress and make you sign up with them if you want to follow or communicate with a Blogspot blog ... never mind the GR connection, to boot. (Also wonder when they're going to make it virtually impossible to auto-repost BookLikes blog posts on Blogspot. Remember the brouhaha re: the BL / GR link when most of us first immigrated here, in the fall of 2013?)

All of which only serves to reinforce my personal conviction that I was right in puling out of GR for all intents and purposes back then ... my incentive to ever go back is at a multiple-digit negative marker at this point, and that negative tally just keeps growing every time something like this happens.
Rane Aria 1 year ago
Compare to Blogspot/Blogger, Wordpresss is small change when Blogger is connected to a bigger parent company and site of Goggle and no way is Amazon going to touch Goggle. So tossing Wordpress out would be a safer bet in closing the reviewer net.

Ugh, moving books from GR was harder then a trip to the dentist! I still visit GR for those who haven't moved to BL, but I'm very happy BL is still here
Debbie's Spurts 1 year ago
Hear! Hear! (off to actually click some ads to support booklikes and reminding myself again to use the purchase links here next time buying a book.)
Kitty's Book Spot! 1 year ago
I did not even know this was an option. I cut and past into all my blogs.