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Double sigh. And groan ...
Tannat 9 months ago
It's probably a good thing that I've never earned an author's attention because I'd want to keep my review too.
Debbie's Spurts 9 months ago
In this case, it didn't sound like the author directly engaged the reviewer (or at least the review didn't mention). Not an author I've seen whining around the blogosphere about hard-work, awful mean reviewers or anything.
Tannat 9 months ago
Well, that's good. Maybe the reviewer just talked themselves into it then.
The reading experience is the reading experience. I don't go easy on a review because the author is a nice person or worked hard. Neither do I grade down if I find out something I don't like about the author as a person.

Just like in music, I know Bruce Dickinson is a total Dick but the music is good, so I take it at face value. And being cool isn't going to make me listen to Bob Dylan.
Debbie's Spurts 9 months ago
I usually delete rather than downgrade if I find out after the fact something truly awful -- lack of attention is best. Downgrades have been very rare (or on one site that won't let me delete and bugs me with related suggestions and friends) and probably the result of particular idiocy.

I think I've downgraded exactly twice.

Once because of plagiarism where a group team challenge would hurt my teammates if deleted.

A second time because some idiot I 5-starred on Amazon and 4-starred on goodreads whined about how I was paid to use certain keywords and follow their review format -- confused me with a different Debbie -- and they were going to take me to court, get me fired, get my account deleted and flag and report all. my reviews and rant on all my reviews and activities. That last idiot got blocked, every comment deleted, review deleted, and I left an unexplained one star with book tagged/shelved to boycott. Mostly because I did love their work so kept starting to buy the next book because sounded so good -- I needed to mark so I'd not engage the idiot again. I figured they could just offset my 1-star by buying more reviews to post illegally-if-not-disclosing-payment-and-any-conditions on U.S. sites like Amazon and goodreads. Nope, they never successfully got my accounts deleted or made me appear in court. On the other hand, I did get their account on goodreads deleted by flagging a message they later sent me apologizing for the confusion with their paid "Debbie" reviewer and goodreads deleted a lot of the reviews on their books -- pre-Amazon buyout goodreads that is.
I've been lucky enough not to deal with anything extreme like that.
Muccamukk 9 months ago
I once had a translator of a Greek play show up in my comments and pick a fight. I was so baffled. Why bother? It just makes the author (and their fans) look poorly.

I agree about rating though. I'm more likely to follow someone back who is honest about their reviews, and doesn't just give everything high ratings.

ETA: I admit that I will avoid authors with public racist, sexist or homophobic stances. I don't want them to have money from me, and it will likely as not be reflected in their work anyway. Orson Scott Card tops the list.
Debbie's Spurts 9 months ago
I loved your tops-the-list-author's books before all the crap he publicly pulled -- for decades. I always knew he was Mormon and that church's official view on things but never let that make me think "all Mormons" type of things. Followed to book signings, preordered, recommended, etc.

Took me a while to track down original sources to see for myself when all the hoopla started .

I no longer buy, review or signal boost his books or platform by commenting. To my knowledge,* he's never attacked a reviewer (or their children), openly tried to rig the ratings or openly tried to suppress consumer speech on the review sites -- if he does something reviews/reviewers/review-site related, I would feel obligated to share that information but would be careful not to include text that would improve search results or visibility (screenshots are lovely).

*"my knowledge" isn't what it used to be before goodreads and so many other sites began actively silencing the conversations. Don't even get me started on the sites that equate boycotting a retail product with bullying.

I have let previous reviews and posts about his books stand because they are a pivotal part of my reading history even if I loathe his public viewpoint.
Muccamukk 9 months ago
Agreed. Though again I find it reflects in his work, so that's part of my reasoning. Started posting reviews after I stopped reading him, so I haven't had to deal with that choice yet. Same with MZB.

As for authors behaving badly about reviews, it definitely makes me less likely to buy the author. I have a certain sympathy for licking one's wounds in one's own blog, but actually engaging with reviewers is SO unprofessional!
Debbie's Spurts 9 months ago
I mostly read him pre-Internet days so doubt I have much posted (except a few years back there was this book signing ...).

I am careful in all the drama around the blogosphere to always check why an author is being tagged "BBA" or even garden variety whiner before jumping on the boycott and signal boosting -- honestly, some of the crap they publicly post is a no-brainer on making those decisions. So many try later deleting as if not going to be found in caches and screenshots ...

Somewhere there's an article about whether a bad review or a bad response to a review is worse for your book sales.
Chris' Fish Place 9 months ago
I might, MIGHT, note that the book is indie published, but that is the closest I get to anything like that. Look, I know most authors put hard work into their books, but if I am giviing up time to read it, I reserve the right to be critical. I realized that this guilty feeling over a negative review is simply I don't get. Soon after I got my kindle, I read an autobiography about a holocaust survior from Poland. It was a good book but far too many formating errors, which I pointed out. Being critcial doesn't mean being mean. But also, hey, we don't get paid for this so whatever you as a blogger or reader feel is right. Yet, if you are always saying sorry to an author I most likely will not follow you.

The only time I've downgraded without a reread (and iin those cases it is usually a span of years) is when the author has been revealed to have done fraud/lying in terms of a book.
Debbie's Spurts 9 months ago
My ratings average for my reads is actually unrealistically skewed to the positive -- usually if I don't like a book, I won't read enough of it to rate or review. Unless it's to say something like the description/genre was inaccurate which made the book not for me or if was clearly unedited not-ready-to-publish crap (that I will one-star very quickly).

Well, a lot of positive ratings except to those who feel anything less than a ★★★★★ rating is negative (sometimes they even say "bullying") or are convinced that the entire internet has to follow the Amazon scale which rounds up the average ★★½☆☆ to ★★★☆☆ instead of the goodreads ★★☆☆☆. (Booklikes, last I asked, has no suggested ratings scale; due to my massive goodreads import when joining, I use goodreads scale here.)
Debbie's Spurts 9 months ago
Teh Heh! *cackle*
Jennifer's BOOooOOOks 9 months ago
Nope, I definitely would not.