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I got here through an ocean of reblogs just to applaud you!

Congratulations, you just got yourself a stalker ;) But not a mean or creepy one. Just a fellow book-nut rolling along.
Litchick's Hit List 6 years ago
Ha! I did the same. Fantastic post ^_^
Bravo! Great post! I think the deletion of the shelves shows exactly where they are headed as a site.
Curiouser 6 years ago
Brilliant post! Thank you
Yep! I still haven't had anything deleted over on GR but they have definitively made me paranoid over my shelves and reviews.
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 6 years ago
Good post! I'm here too for the same reasons. I only just now posted my shelf that probably should be deleted in that Neverending Thread (here) - because I've heard nothing from GR about it. But the only reason I started backing up files and moving here was because the lack of GR communication that really seemed - well, I can only make guesses at what they're trying to do, because they're not giving me any facts.
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 6 years ago
(Oops, another moment of "Dammit, I forgot return = end post here") I'm also another Kindle Paperwhite owner that now has really strong ideas about letting GR into that device if they grandfather the older ones in. Because before I thought "ok, I'm willing to see what GR will do on my kindle" and now I'm thinking "you know, I don't want them anywhere near my data/ebooks."
Frankly, if my kindle is old enough that it's not going to have that "system upgrade," more the better, say I.
Great post, thanks for saying what I'd like to say too
Thank you for this post. Your thoughts were perfectly stated . My apologies that I hit the reblog button without first knowing how to credit you with the post. I figured out how to do the credit after the fact, but made a note in my reblog comments that the post was not my original thought. Anyway, well said. :)
Helen, the Hermit 6 years ago
Thank you for this post. I'm among the early immigrants, and I came here for the same reason - backup. I never had bad experience with authors or their fans, but I saw people who did. But today, it's shelves, who knows what will come tomorrow?
Helen, the Hermit 6 years ago
As for the Paperwhite, my local Amazon (Japan) seems to be the least integrated with the main branch, so it's possible there will be no GR app. There aren't even that many GR users from there, I think - at least not the active ones.
Debbie's Spurts 6 years ago
I have no reason to add goodreads integration to my older paperwhite or kindles; but, I'm exactly sure what they are implementing. Could be anything from how they used to show Shelfari data to a really big push (to market all the great data metrics) to push amazon collections to goodreads shelf names, pressure to standardize names/tags to amazon standards -- let's face it, new users will take a while to even realize they can have custom shelves, specify which get recommendations, which exclusive, etc. I don't see app making that intuitive; it benefits their metrics if the exclusive shelves stay the three default ones.
Debbie's Spurts 6 years ago
I bet the new kindle integration has iOS app-using members of private groups with private posts leaking out all over the blogosphere really thrilled. And real eager to integrate their kindle into a goodreads app.
Debbie, you have said this so elquently! I actually signed up at Booklikes this summer, long before last week's notice on Goodreads, but since last week, I haven't participated at all on Goodreads, only here and on my own blog.
Rachel's books 6 years ago
Excellent and perfectly said!