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* Sigh * How am I going to put this ...?

It's great that you decided to rejoin this community; alas, the place to do that is ... no longer here. BL changed owners in 2016 and has gradually gone down the drain ever since, which drove a LOT of people away for good over the course of the years (frankly, I'd been afraid that this applied to you, too). The "die-hards" among us clung to what was more and more looking like a wreck until the summer of last year, by which time the place was so overrun by spammers that it plain didn't function anymore *at all*. Needless to say, many of us tried to contact the owners in one way or another, but alas, to no avail; usually we didn't even get a response for our troubles, and when at last we did, it was a dismissive comment on BL's Facebook page to the effect that they couldn't be bothered to do anything about restoring the site to functionality.

So, even the most loyal members of the BL community eventually gave up on this site: Some deleted their accounts; others kept them in order (1) to prevent the URLs to be taken over by spammers (which had in fact happened to some of the deleted accounts), and / or (2) to archive or recreate our BL contributions elsewhere. (That's essentially why I am here today.)

(And yes, I know. At the moment the dashboard seems to be working again. Don't hold your breath. Been there, done that, again and again over the course of the past five years.)

Those of us who want the community to survive have found a hub elsewhere: it's not ideal, but it's better than nothing. Some have also reactivated or newly created book blogs on other platforms (Wordpress, Blogger, etc.) If you want to join us at the new hub, you'll be more than welcome! I'll PM you with the details on GR.