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By the way, feel free to remind me that I need to read your book. I've been feeling overwhelmed by the amount I have TBR so doing some quick ones and book hopping, but it's not a good excuse, and I want to read it, dammit!
Elly Helcl 5 years ago
Grim, you will get to my book in your own time...and I am okay with that :) If you need your robots, stick with them...

But, if you do get to the next book in my series....I think it is my favorite :) As always, I will enjoy knowing what you think of it.
I want both robots and your books. I just need something to wash the taste of this week out of my mouth, because so many authors saying it's okay to look at child porn if you're drunk, or stalk people, or blame them for their failures.

Sighs. Reading authors like Lorn and you should take some of that sting out. Also, yay, Friday the 13th marathon today. Back when I was confused, I thought Vorhees was hot. Maybe it was the machete he carried? Cause metal=good.
Elly Helcl 5 years ago
Umm...yuck....I will never promote anything like that...promise.

I know. That's why I feel comfortable telling you to whack me on the nose for not reading your book - I know you'll be like, aw, you'll get to it when you get to it. Because you are a sweetheart. You remind me of the good things in the world and I so needed that today.

And you popped up when I needed it most. I'm tempted to call you new-Garrett. (He knew exactly when I needed cheering up and showed up then to cheer me up, and I was like, 'wha-how, but also so amazingly awesome of you.)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Elly Helcl 5 years ago
Aww...You are so good for my self esteem :)
Well, you're good for my depression.

Plus, come to think of it, you can't be new-Garrett because your stories won't terrify me as much as Garrett's do. You can never unsee the amazing one that was a new take on Dante. And that I never got the end to it, dammit! (Spoilers, it got more disturbing. I know it did. And sometimes I love being terrified.)
Elly Helcl 5 years ago you have my attention...what's that book called?
It was something he was working in during college. I don't even know if he ever finished it. Sighs. I'm not sure I have the packet from the writing class anymore, either.
Elly Helcl 5 years ago
I need to find some good horror's been a while.
Hellbound Heart and any of Barker's other horror, House of Leaves, Walking Dead graphic novels, Witch Doctor graphic novel, The Dark Victorian series by Watasin (featuring horrorish things and a lesbian lead character in Victorian times), Edward Lorn, Gregor Xane, Tim Curran, Garrett Cook (although some of his may be more bizarro horror than pure horror), Hemlock Grove if you can stand the ableism and horrible parts of that (worth it for the Shelley character if you ask me), Warm Bodies, Nathan Ballingrud, Laird Barron, Caitlin Kiernan, early Poppy Z. Brite...

Do you want me to go on?
Elly Helcl 5 years ago
Wow...I think I am going to need to save a link to this post just so I can write all of that down and check those authors out!
Cut and paste.

I've met even more at Readercon, but I don't have my signed books in front of me!