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Sweetheart, you know I love you - but the same arguments have been used for Lolita time and again: some people love it for the artistry of the language, some people think anyone who likes it is a disturbed freak. Same with non-con fantasy stories, which I tend to enjoy.

I've been called disgusting things for liking robots. So maybe that's why I'm like, 'eh, I don't know if they're freaks. Or perverted.'

That being said, I'm pretty sure I could come up with something other than Twilight that hasn't been banned yet. I know I can come up with memoirs, including one of an author who slept with her father, that has been traditionally published. Sue Miller's The Good Wife makes me think of these themes: the kid sees the penis of her lover and some people freak out over that. I hate to say it, but having read your first book, and knowing those people are out there, I could see some people getting offended that anyone liked it and calling your readers perverts. It's not fun when it happens to you. I'm not sure the readers deserve that, because they may like the exploration of the themes and how it explores how it effects the children as well as the teacher, rather than those particular scenes.

I still adore you. And just because I like robots or nc fantasies, it doesn't mean I applaud having sex with someone who isn't consenting (including robots who have been programmed as sex bots which is rape in my opinion.) Sometimes fiction is a safe way to explore fantasies and/or issues that you can't deal with in a real life setting. (I can't read true crime, but I love gory horror. It disturbs me that this shit happens in real life, and I have no other outlet, and I'll go insane if I don't.) People who have been abused as children have written similar stories because they're trying to work out those issues, and been prosecuted for it.

What I'm trying to say, and not saying very well, is that there are a multitude of reasons to write and/or read stories such as these. They're not all deviant reasons.

I'm sorry if this offends you. Please don't be too mad! It's just something to consider, and know that I adore you like crazy! I've said that already, right?
Elly Helcl 8 years ago
It's all good Grim :)

I just don't like that the book presented being a child rapist in such a good light...and was so, so detailed.

It makes me think that my friend, who has a few books that I refused to help her publish, may be okay publishing them...

And honestly, some of my absolute hate for the way this book presents child rape is my own history.
I can't stand the sexualization of children that this world is so okay with. I have 10 and 11 year old daughters and I am very sensitive to how much influence a teacher has over kids.

For this to be a teacher, who gets a slap on the wrist after she is caught, and for it to be presented in the way this was, just hit my gag reflex.

I agree that writings are a good way to explore fantasies...however, I also think if you are fantasizing about having sex with children, the appropriate action is to get yourself into therapy.

(Having fantasies about inanimate objects, animals, whatever is totally different than children...there is a level of depravity one must have to see a child as a sexual object)
See, that's fair. We're all biased. And I agree, the good thing is to get therapy. I haven't read the book, so some of this, like her being caught and just getting a slap on the wrist, would be helpful in the review. At least it's in the comments!

And I want my robots animate and autonomous, oh, yeah. It's hard to find. But, I digress: yes, that's different than lusting after a child. I just know that the reaction has been the same at times, so I'm like eeeeh. I'm still not sure I'd go as far as calling the readers perverts, but that may not be fair of me. Not only haven't I read the book, after reading your more detailed comments, I'm not likely to read the book. I don't really want to give this author more money or attention.

And if this book is glorifying sleeping with kids, that's gross. I don't understand why people would enjoy reading about it, but to each their own. We all have our own lines, and our biases. The only thing you can really do is inform other readers.

I know by questioning this, I got more information that told me this book was definitely not for me. Thank you!

*and hugs* I'm so sorry. You get more amazing all the time. Just for being able to admit that all is part of your history and for being able to succeed despite it all.
Elly Helcl 8 years ago
I think I just need to avoid all books involving children and sex.

I had a very indepth conversation (multiple times actually) about this book with my husband. It just blows my mind that Nenia Campbell gets her books banned by amazon for content (stalkers and such) but this is okay? I don't understand how Amazon decides who gets censored and who doesn't.
Elly, I think self-published authors are a lot more likely to get their stuff banned because they don't have a publisher behind them.

Published novels tend to get more marketing - even if it's just reviews in the New York Times or whatever - and are very often considered to have more clout. They've been vetted by the publishers, so there's that.

SPAs aren't, so if they get complaints/see something they think might be wrong, I think that they're more likely to pull it. I don't know this for a fact, but it would be my best guess. Not fair, but there you have it.