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Elly Helcl 5 years ago
Notice the open tool box in my bathroom....that is surely proof of my house being a reno zone :)
That is amazing! ♡

Look at you!
Elly Helcl 5 years ago
I don't think I look that different...but my daughter saw a picture of me from last year and asked who that was....It was me..

Thanks Grim! I fully intend on texting you soon...I have been locked in a bathroom doing mold remediation and fixing it up for the whole week! It's almost is so close I could cry.
I figured. Text when you want, don't if you don't want to. No pressure!

By the way, my mom feels bad we didn't stop by to see you. (I had told her a couple times, but she had a full tour of Savannah and Charleston planned, and I think she was so focused on that... And then I don't think she's that crazy about Florida, either.) She's already talking about going back to Copacobana Bay - she loved that hotel - so I can see my boys again. If we do, I'm going to make sure we get to connect!

And I haven't lost nearly as much weight, but Primus, I keep getting caught up on the collar bones and cheekbones. I haven't seen those in years, and it continually surprises me. I think I look a lot different, and it's actually fucking with my mind quite a bit.

I'm glad you're not struggling with that, too. It can be a bitch.
Elly Helcl 5 years ago
Eeeeeeek! I would love to meet you face to face! You are my best friend on this site!
:D Well, like I said, she felt really bad about it.

I want a signed copy of your book if I stop by, though. I'll totally buy it before I come there! I may even spring for both and demand signatures!
Elly Helcl 5 years ago
There are three in the series (unless you already have one). And I will totally sign and write a personalized message for you!
I have both as e-books, but I can only see two up right now. (Yeah, my mom really, really wants to go back!)
Elly Helcl 5 years ago
Now I am excited! I will have to make or take you out for dinner!
Anything is fine. I'm just psyched.

I do need a break; flying freaks me out so, so much. Which is why I'm like, okay, I'll go, I'll enjoy it, but, damn the flying. (My mom found super inexpensive tickets, though!)
Elly Helcl 5 years ago
I can't possibly like your comments enough!! Love it! Can't wait to meet you!
Mona Hanna 5 years ago
You're so thin! Well done :)