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nospin 5 years ago
Super expensive!
Derrolyn Anderson 5 years ago
That's for sure. I had to send a prize to Pakistan three times because it kept getting "lost".
E-books from now on.
Elly Helcl 5 years ago
No way!!! That would be awful! I know I don't want to have to resend any of it! Too expensive and I would rather spend my money elsewhere. Once was okay...but THREE times? Nope!
Yikes! That does explain things.
Elly Helcl 5 years ago
I am just glad I brought enough cash with me...
Hey, you're international shipping cost is the amount of the toy I'm lusting after! And that I'm trying to desperately try to either justify buying or forget about...
Elly Helcl 5 years ago
Snort. I was hoping to find enablers on Booklikes!
Elly Helcl 5 years ago
Shelby, if you were the USA girl, you were just under 5 dollars =)
My in-laws are in the UK, so i feel your pain. I spent $40 sending Christmas presents last year, and it didn't even get there before Christmas.
Elly Helcl 5 years ago
I am just in shock at the price to mail a single book out of the USA...but, I guess it's not that much if you consider how far it has to go.