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I don't think they're talking about that. Checked them out and they say this: "Make your book ready to sell on Amazon and other online stores. "

I think they're selling services - formatting comes to mind - to get the book in shape to publish on Amazon and B&N, and then you sell it. I've heard from authors who do use someone to format the books, so this sounds legit as far as I understand things.

ETA: Wait, do you mean this: "eBook distribution can be confusing and time-consuming. We make it simple and fast. BookFuel will do all the work to get your book in all the major online stores."

I think it's also legit. If you want someone else to handle it, and are selling well enough to pay for the service, that seems legit to me. I know some authors who would say their time is better spent writing and that for less than a hundred dollars, it's 100% worth paying someone else to do this for them. If you're enough, it might be more cost effective to pay someone!