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a TeMPLe of WoRDS 7 years ago
As usual, very well written.

I get asked the same thing actually (how do I read so fast), followed by "Don't you have a life?"

In my *cough cough* old age *cough cough* I have decided that people who don't read a lot and/or people who just don't get it do not belong in my life.
Ironic Contradictions 7 years ago
Many of my reading family still do not get why I read so much and so fast: which is why I believe it's just a natural propensity which is part of it. It's like asking why siblings can turn out so different: who knows the genes and ideas and development which leads to such personality choices? Like you I decide that anyone who doesn't read simply is missing out - hence why I want to teach English and History (two subjects that require reading and can lead to passion developing)
Sock Poppet at Play 7 years ago
I read a lot, but I think I'm just average as far as speed. I'm going to practice some of your strategies and maybe I'll be able to read faster.
Ironic Contradictions 7 years ago
Hopefully they help. I particularly like the goal setting strategy in terms of being able to try and aim for little goals in reading and build it up... I always think comprehension is as important however - so the trickier the book the slower it can be to read despite my pace. Ulysses for one was a much slower read...
Ironic Contradictions 7 years ago
I probably take after my mother's side of the family the most and on her side there are many great readers. She's the only one who reads about as fast as I do however, so I developed much of my reading from her. As far as I know I am the only one who reads several books at once in my family...