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a TeMPLe of WoRDS 7 years ago
I have looked at the two of these several times since I first saw them at the beginning of January. I've read almost 50 books so far this year and several of them are marked off.

But seeing them again, you gave me a great idea. Well, not really you, but maybe seeing someone post them again, I don't know. My mom is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist. She works with children who have Autism, Downs Syndrome, etc. (I am her - and two other Pediatric OTs - personal assistant.) She's been trying to get a set of brothers (both autistic) to WANT to read more and I think this would be really good - the YA one. So, I've made a deal. If they can get a full line across, I will buy them a book ($2.99 or less - one of the boys would have tried for the most expensive he could find).

Anyways, thanks for posting it again. You made my brain work :)
Ironic Contradictions 7 years ago
I'm actually considering printing it out as a clever tool for teaching - or something along those lines. It could work rather well in a portfolio to show how fun reading can be as a kind of game...
a TeMPLe of WoRDS 7 years ago
That is an awesome idea!! :)