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Andi (guest) 3 years ago
I'm so glad you're reading with us! I hope the assignment goes quickly so you can move on to other things. :D Cheers! --Andi, #TeamKing!
Booked! 3 years ago
Thank you Andi. I was waiting for this for a very long time! It's so much fun.
Caro G (guest) 3 years ago
I hope you are enjoying your Read-a-Thon #TeamKing
Hope you are able to read a lot more this time, like the first time. Look forward to your updates. Enjoy!
Booked! 3 years ago
Thank you Caro and Karsyn! It's going great, I'm doing good, read more than I expected. But, it's 01:16am here, so I started to feel a little bit tired and sleepy :/ I will survive ;)
Hope you have an awesome readathon! I love how far away some of the readers are from the US!