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Jessica (HDB) 3 years ago
I've found a fair amount that are good, but each time I find a series like this it makes me want to throw something.
Spare Ammo 3 years ago
Kitty was a wimp in the first book and part of the best thing about Kitty was her finding her paws and growing, sometimes reluctantly. That book was hard to get through honestly but I'm glad I continued because I think Kitty was worth it.
Jessica (HDB) 3 years ago
Well that's at least good to know! I figured that's where things were headed.
Spare Ammo 3 years ago
You could just try book two? Honestly, I wanted to dump Kitty and that book wasn't the only time. Kitty doesn't just magically become a strong person/wolf, at times it was frustrating and as painful as that first book. Maybe that's why I kept going because very few books made the heroine's growth as hard as I found Kitty's.
Familiar Diversions 3 years ago
I hated this book too, for similar reasons. I read it because I had an ARC of one of the later books but have yet to be able to bring myself to read more.
Debbie's Spurts 3 years ago
I had fair warning going into it so was able to finish knowing she would find her backbone. From just the first pages of sample and something in another anthology -- I did like Kitty and found her quite funny (I wish I remembered the one Kitty short story I read before sampling -- it made me like Kitty right away and was funny enough I had to sample the book).

When I posted about reading the sample on my then book site, lovely fellow readers gave me a heads up. Without that and the short story intriguing me, I doubt I would have gotten as far as 60% -- or attempted a too-alpha book at all unencouraged even if Kitty initially was kickass. Not real fond of alpha and pack mentality crap; too much of it reads like gang violence excuses and rape apologists.

The next books in series became my go to for book challenges because I was so sure I would be liking them. For a while, after the first book, I was really liking Kitty and enjoying the series. For completely different reasons (the abuse doesn't continue and she doesn't accept), a few of the later ones I didn't enjoy nearly as much. I think the reason is that they didn't read like the other Kitty books with author seemingly experimenting with something different -- one was Kitty with a different cast of characters stranded out at some cabin and more like one of those closed room mysteries so just wasn't my thing (or amusing).
I really enjoyed this series but I agree with you on book one. I hated her treatment her submissiveness and the attitudes. They do completely change as she accepts her new abilities. One size doesn't fit all in life and reading. Good luck with your next book
yeah. carl and his wife are horrible despicable people, as are some of the members of the pack. i think why i was ok with the book is 1. she does break away even if it's forced, and 2. i felt it was relatable in terms of what it's like to be in an abusive relationship, the whole mix of love and hate, knowing you should get away but starving for that affection and recognition.