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MU? Yes. So much yes.

Do you want any suggestions?
Jessica (HDB) 3 years ago
Absolutely! But let's wait until I subscribe :). I promised myself I wouldn't do it until Friday. Even though my finger keeps twitching...

I'm so excited.

And I'm going to make a suggestion I already made for your first one, anyway. Angela: Asgard's Assassin. It's a mix of Judeo-Christian mythology and Norse mythology, with gorgeous artwork, a male-to-female transgender character (who is dating Angela), and I think you will love it.

And I'm evil. And hoping you get reaaaaal twitchy fingers :P
Jessica (HDB) 3 years ago
Hahaha I might give in over my long weekend... we shall see.
When you do click, lemme know.

We can squee over books together!
Jessica (HDB) 3 years ago
Grim... IT HAS HAPPENED. I'm already reading Angela Issue #1!

You can kill me if you hate it. I have more suggestions after if you want!
Jessica (HDB) 3 years ago
Sarah's Library 3 years ago
I had a look at the Popsugar website and couldn't find anything about next year's challenge (or this year's for that matter). Is there somewhere particular I should be looking? Is there some way I can sign up to receive emails about it? I attempted this year's but missed by nine books and I want to try again next year.
Sarah's Library 3 years ago
Thanks! I can't understand why I couldn't find it. I searched for it under 'reading' and 'challenge' and either got no results or nothing that related to what I was actually looking for.