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I typed way too long answering things. I'm sorry to whoever gets saddled with that.
Jessica (HDB) 2 years ago
I'd take that as a win. So many more options of things to buy!
I tried to be varied. I did a long list of things I'd prefer not to get, but I figure that makes it easier, too. Less guesswork!

And LOL. I had a whole, 'hey, you can get these for ten cents sometimes.'
Murder by Death 2 years ago
I totally froze on the "fun fact about yourself" question. :P
Me too! Does that mean I'm boring?
I have a fun zombie apocalypse story that I told - here two years ago - but I told it again.

Or it means you're super fun but freeze when people ask for fun facts about yourself. I froze until I remembered I survived a zombie apocalypse, and was like, 'that's fun. And funny. Or horrifying depending on perspective, I guess.'
Moonlight Snow 2 years ago
Love this! Thanks, Jessica!
LitMuggle 2 years ago
Thanks for hosting this I loved the last one.