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Char's Horror Corner 10 months ago
I missed My Best Friend's Exorcism as well. I would be interested in a buddy read of that, if you are?
I own that on Kindle. The enhanced version that I got on sale. I'll do that, although slowly during certain times, cough, cough school year cough, cough.
Jessica (HDB) 10 months ago
I'm in Char! Would you be okay with doing February? I'm on the hold list currently, and there are like 10 people in front of me hahahaha.
Oh, duh, if you don't mind me joining. I feel like neither of you would so I sort of invited myself into the BR, but here I am being polite too late and asking.
Jessica (HDB) 10 months ago
Of course we want you to join! :)
Char's Horror Corner 10 months ago
I'm totally good with February and with Grim, and whomever else, joining us!
Yay. Thanks. I'll be slow in February but I'll at least start. I'll have three classes, homework, a one day a week internship for a class, and a weekend job.

Watch me go bonker balls.
Lost Light. Bloodshot Salvation. Newer Spawns. Till All Are One Annual. Black Bolt. Inhumans: Once and Future Kings.

So. Many. Suggestions.
Jessica (HDB) 10 months ago
I need to get back to my comics! I miss them!!!
I wouldn't miss my comics!

ETA: I mean, I would, but I read them first, so I wouldn't because I wouldn't allow myself.