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Debbie's Spurts 10 months ago
The dragon on the cover does make it look like an interesting read.
Debbie's Spurts 10 months ago
I've had trouble finding good dragon books lately, too.,7703654 is a YA one I really enjoyed but not as much "dragon" as I expected.

The Temeraire series from Naomi Novik was amazing -- but does start Horatio Hirnblower style military epic before you blink and are sucked into the personalities of Temeraire and the other dragons. I have withdrawal and many feels hanging in after that one. So much naval warfare to start I almost didn't get to know Teneraire.,317597

Mercedes Lackey wrote a Dragon Jousters series which I enjoyed, more traditionally what you'd expect from a fantasy genre dragon book.,187530

Someone posted getting an arc months ago that had a Michael Whelan looking cover with a dragon that sounded like would be good or a Pern rip-off -- I need to remember the title and see if I missed posts about it.
Debbie's Spurts 10 months ago
Oh, and,136255 of course if you've missed that one. The dragon part of that series has taken forever to progress but it's surprisingly addictive.
Jessica (HDB) 10 months ago
Thank you so much Debbie!!! I'm adding all of these to my reading list!