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If you like mysteries, I highly recommend the Phryne Fisher series. They are short, light reads. Phryne is one of my favorite fictional characters. They take place in 1920s Australia. The Veronica Speedwell mysteries are another great historical fiction series. I'm trying to think of some non-mystery, historical fiction books that are light on the drama. There aren't a whole lot of books that come to mind. Of course it depends on your definition of drama.
Jessica (HDB) 2 weeks ago
Oh I LOVE Veronica Speedwell! You reminded me that I haven't read the newest book. And I'll give the Phryne Fisher series a spin too. Drama wise, I mostly can't deal with too much death/loss lately.
Kate Quinn's Borgia books are also quite good. They have drama but it's the scandalous kind the Borgias are known and loved for.
Ellis Peters's "Chronicles of Brother Cadfael"; set in Shrewsbury, on the Welsh border. They're set against the background of the 12th century English Civil War (King Stephen vs. Empress Maud), but except for book 2 have little to no "battle action" -- rather, they focus on English society back then and the lives and fates of individuals ... as impacted by Civil War allegiances and by religion, but also by purely "private" issues and affairs, such as wills / inheritance, marriage, illness, etc. Brother Cadfael -- his abbey's herbalist -- is an extremely charismatic, empathetic, loveable, and far-seeing amateur sleuth ... and in addition, the mysteries are a wonderful hommage to Peters's native Shropshire and its neighboring Wales (where Cadfael hails from originally).
Jessica (HDB) 2 weeks ago
Ah, sounds fabulous! Going on the list!