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Hol 3 years ago
I'm a writer and going throught a crappy real-life situation myself, so I know how hard it is to get writing, so well done. If you ever need someone to look over your writing, let me know. Hope you're OK.
Bookloving writer 3 years ago
Thanks. I really appreciate that. I hope you're ok too.
Congratulations on that. It can be extremely hard when you're going through a rough patch.
Olga Godim 3 years ago
Congrats on the new story. Channel your angst. That's what I do. When I feel lousy and sorry for myself, sometimes I think: can I make a story out of it? Can I change the situation and the names, maybe even the time period, but leave in all the emotional pain? More often than not good stories come out of it.
Bookloving writer 3 years ago
I suppose that's how it is. People who don't sometimes feel bad may not be able to write the same type of story.