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Which service were you using?

My mother's given up trying to do that research on her mother's family - because we don't speak Swedish. (Her mother was a "last child, the one born in America" of Swedish immigrants.) It's a small family on that side, and none of us now alive speaks Swedish. (My mother knows *a* hymn, which is not really useful doing genealogy!)
Bookloving writer 1 year ago
We used AncestryDNA for the DNA tests and we've done research on Ancestry, My Heritage and Geni. I think there are Americans doing research on those sites, without knowing any Swedish. Actually, didn't you say that your family came from Öland? In any case, I found out about places that I had no idea we had relatives from - including Öland. If you have any text you'd like translated, let me know and maybe I could help you, as long as it isn't too long - like a book! By the way, which hymn is it? :)
Can't remember the name of the hymn - it's Lutheran, though. (She's taking a nap.)

Thanks very much for the offer.
Bookloving writer 1 year ago
You're welcome. :)