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Hol 1 year ago
Not a boring post. I really like the bag. I love purple. You might have put on weight (I don't know as I didn't see you before) but you're not in any way fat. You (your shadow, I suppose!) looks great.
Bookloving writer 1 year ago
Thanks. :) I have put on weight, but if I'm fat or not, depends on who's looking, I guess.
I am partial to those kind of handles - but shoulder straps have *never* worked for me. (I basically have no shoulders, they are so sloping.)
Bookloving writer 1 year ago
Oh. I see. I like these too.
Yes, that type of handle I can hold in the hand, or loop my arm through, which are my preferred styles.
Bookloving writer 1 year ago
I just found that I like it too. :)
Love the bag & your shadow looks great. Look into the medication connection, maybe your doctor will have suggestions. I'm 48 and weigh the most I ever have in my life. I'm trying to cut down on carbs and sweets and move more, but it takes time.
Bookloving writer 1 year ago
Thanks. :) And yes, I know exactly what you're going through. It seems I'm eating quite well, but it doesn't help at all. I even felt as if I'd put on weight in the time I was out doing the shopping, and I hadn't eaten or drunk anything in that time.
Olga Godim 1 year ago
Nice bag, but I really like the shadow. I don't think I ever had a shadow so slim.
Bookloving writer 1 year ago
To be honest it was in the late afternoon, so my shadow did look slimmer than I've ever been.