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Congrats on getting the move behind you -- I hope you'll settle in soon. (Stove included -- seriously, who wants cold pizza???) What part of Denmark did you move to (if that's not being too nosy)?
Bookloving writer 2 years ago
Mid Jutland if that tells you anything. I hadn’t heard of it before. We wanted to settle in the nearby ’lake highland’ but couldn’t afford it. Still, this region is just as beautiful.
Yes, it actually does tell me something. :) Jutland borders on Schleswig-Holstein in the south (from the Danish POV), and the very northern part of Schleswig-Holstein (from the German POV), right near the border, is where we used to go for our summer vacations for years and years when I was growing up. Funnily enough, I've visited almost every other part of Denmark *except* for Jutland, but I've always wanted to remedy that fact, too. And who knows, maybe some day I will!
Bookloving writer 2 years ago
I can really recommend ’Midtjylland’. It’s beautiful.
I'll remember! :)