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A book with a title like that I probably wouldn't pick up.
Murder by Death 8 years ago
I almost didn't either and normally wouldn't - but the first book was rated highly by a trusted GR friend so I sucked it up and gave it a go. It was really good, as was this one, but yeah - the marketing sort of went in the wrong direction. At least the cover on this one is better than the cover on the first one.
Rane Aria 8 years ago
I have a feeling the title trend is going to be something ongoing as book 3's title "Oh Say Can You Fudge" sounds like another weiner ;P
I don't know if I'll keep reading as my huge dislike for love triangles in cozies have grown alot this past year...still a tad sore about the Library Mystery dumb triangle
Murder by Death 8 years ago
I saw that title - Ugh!

I'd really love hearing an explanation for why these authors think love triangles are a good idea; are they hoping cozy lovers are going to break into teams and argue over which man is better? What's the point in writing this silliness?
I *hate* love triangles. (It's what made me stop watching GH: the love quadrangle of doom.)
Murder by Death 8 years ago
Oh! I know this one - was it the Jason/Elizabeth/Lucky/whatshername one?
No, Jason/Carly/Sonny/Brenda.
Murder by Death 8 years ago
Oh geez... that one wasn't much better. They all suffer in comparison to Anna/Duke/Scorpio!
Now, that was a good one, I agree.
And I hated both Sonny and Brenda anyway. I was an unhappy panda.
Murder by Death 8 years ago
8 years ago
I have both these books. My heart sank when I read about the love triangle. Sigh.
Murder by Death 8 years ago
I know - it seems we are doomed to have authors beat the love triangle theme to death and then just keep on beating it. It's a ridiculous device and a cheap/lazy way to create character tension.