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Rane Aria 9 years ago
I wish there was more of Dirk, I felt he was just "there" and could have been used more.
Murder by Death 9 years ago
I have a feeling his involvement is going to grow over each book - there were just too many hints of it otherwise, and what would be the point if he's just going to play commentator?

Fingers crossed anyway. :)
9 years ago
See this is why we read the books. One of my favorite GR moments was when I raved about a book, one of my GR friends read it and then posted, "um, this book is just stupid." lol I loved it. Her unabashed review comes to mind when I want to just put a book down. So glad you enjoyed it! I keep staring at Jenn McKinlay last Library Lovers book hoping I have the same reaction. Probably not. But hoping.
Murder by Death 9 years ago
I hope you enjoy the most recent library lovers mystery too - but stay away from my review before you read it! lol... Seriously though, I'd love to know what you think of it afterwards; I had that series at the top of my favs list until the last few books and now, I don't know what to think.

I love the diversity of tastes too: here in AU where I can't just browse through a huge cozy section like I can back home at the local B&N, all the reviews are a HUGE help when it comes to figuring out which books to buy. And I admit, I love the occasional snark when they run across books they don't like, lol. :) My friends reviews of non-fiction too - I'd never have bought most of the 4/5 start non-fiction reads I have had it not been for BookLikes.
Mystereity 9 years ago
I was fine with the book up until they discovered the body and spent a chapter nattering on about nonsense while standing there looking at the dead guy and not calling the police.
Murder by Death 9 years ago
I admit I clearly remember thinking during that scene that it was taking forever and a day to "discover" the body - I don't care if he was just a few hours dead, you'd SMELL it! Gave the author a way to mess up the crime scene before the police officer got there, I guess.
Mystereity 9 years ago
I think, if I remember right, even after they uncovered the body, they still stood there nattering on like morons. Ruined the book for me.