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Degrees of Affection 3 years ago
Good review but sorry you were so bored to read this.

And YES! Seriously, I spent most of the afternoon muttering dire warning at the computer and freaking out. Finally LL showed me how to check if it was me or the website. That was a mixed blessing because then I had to find something to amuse myself and I couldn't read because I wanted to update on the book I was reading.

Murder by Death 3 years ago
Yes! I was pinging the servers every 15 minutes and on the drive home I started really worrying about all the reviews I've done over the last couple of years that I hadn't copied anywhere and most importantly, if the site didn't come back up, how was I going to find everyone again?!?!

I'm just glad they got it fixed. If I had to guess, I'd say they had a massive hardware failure somewhere and had to scramble to restore from backup. To which I say: "fail-safe redundancy".
Degrees of Affection 3 years ago
I don't know but I really hope that doesn't happen again. I wonder if it had anything to do with the slow issues earlier?
Bleh. It went down around 6pm'ish for me, right as I was previewing a post. So I was able to post it to my other sites and then copy/paste here this morning.
But it made for a very long evening. And I was wondering if I was going to lose contact with a bunch of people, since I'm not actually friends with anyone over at leafmarks :-)

I'm with DoA and wondering if the slowness was a symptom?
Degrees of Affection 3 years ago
I'm not even on leafmarks and I'm not on GR anymore. I really don't want to think about losing contact with all of you.

I might have to look into signing up on leafmarks or something. But moving everything... o.0
And since booklikes doesn't have an export function. Ouch...
Degrees of Affection 3 years ago
Yeah, I really wish they had one...
Murder by Death 3 years ago
I think the slowness the past week must have been a symptom - some hardware failures such as the hard disks themselves will often slow down as they accumulate errors or bad sectors on the magnetic surfaces. It's not always easy to detect either before the whole thing keels over, and even when you do detect it, it might be too late to do anything about it.

It's all just speculation since I doubt BookLikes is going to tell us exactly what happened, but about the only thing that would make a site be down for that long would be a complete failure of hardware, necessitating sourcing a replacement and restoring data (or a cable cut in their outgoing infrastructure; I suppose that's possible too).

I'm just glad they're back! I was in the middle of editing about 40 book records when they crashed so I guess those will need to be done again.

DoA: Definitely, at least sign up, to LeafMarks that way we can find you again if something apocalyptic happens here.
That is the main reason I joined leafmarks. Imported my gr data back in '13 when I left and then kept booklikes and leafmarks concurrent, so if booklikes ever went away, I could still export from leafmarks.
I do highly recommend at least starting to look into it just for the export function...