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Obi 6 years ago
Ah,translations....I read it in French and it was perhaps not very well written but it definitely was not such a huge disappointment. What a pity....
Murder by Death 6 years ago
I know. I loved what was there, but disappointed by what it could have been with just a more fluid translation. I'm definitely not sorry I read it though. :)
Such a roulette wheel, translations.
enrique.joven (guest) 6 years ago
Thank you for your kind comments about my novel. I wrote it in Spanish (not traslated into French, but it is available in Portuguese, Czech, Italian... indeed Korean!)
About the translation, the English version is the only one I can understand, but I am not so skilled to judge the style, gramma and other related questions. The translator was (unfortunately she passed away a few weeks after delivering her work to the editor) a kind and cult writer, but she was far from science and astronomy subjects,and maybe the final result suffered a bit due to this reason. Anyway, I thank you your interest and feedback, and hope to read you again writing about a new novel. Soon, I wish.
Best regards, Enrique J.