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Tannat 4 days ago
The rifle/shotgun thing is just sloppy. I'd have been cursing the editor.
Murder by Death 4 days ago
I was cursing, but it was more widely distributed in its targets - more like a shotgun than a rifle, lol!
Portable Magic 3 days ago
Yeah, that's a big enough error that I'm not sure I could have gotten over it. Lack of research and bad editing, or just plain old don't give a s***t. Also, I don't know why some mystery writers feel the need to pack so many mini-mysteries into a single mystery plot. It doesn't really add to the fun.
Murder by Death 3 days ago
Sometimes the mini-mysteries work for me; I think they can add a depth to the whole story (i.e. not everybody everywhere is solely focused on the dead body, the world continues to turn sort of thing) but when there are too many of them, you'r right - it doesn't add to the fun, it just becomes obvious the author was trying to muddy the waters.
Yes, that's very sloppy. And an error that more than a few would pick up on.
Murder by Death 4 days ago
I was thinking primarily of people outside the US, who might not have the same inherent knowledge of guns our culture has. Most people here, for example, wouldn't know the difference (although out in the country, the farmers would, of course).
I think most Americans would indeed notice. I'd notice and I've never fired a gun.

The author seems to be American, as well.
Murder by Death 4 days ago
Sorry, I meant 'here' in Australia. :) And I mentioned the difference in my review for non-US readers who might not be as familiar with guns as Americans are. (I bought all the Miss Dimple books here in AU).
Yeah, I figured "here" was Australia, but I assumed the books were published in the US.
Tannat 3 days ago
I'd say even those at the periphery of the American gun culture would raise an eyebrow at the rifle/shotgun thing. I mean, there's a big difference between a hunting rifle you'd use for deer and and shotgun you might use for birds...