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Hah. Great minds think alike. "Too much of a good thing" definitely in the introductory passages of the individual chapters, and yet, it's going to remain a lasting reference!

ETA: And in addition to creating those infamous reading lists, this one is definitely "spreadsheet material" for me, too.
Murder by Death 5 years ago
I'm already thinking I might try to put together a 'top 10' list and send it to Mysterious books to see if they have any of them in good condition reader's copies. But my TBR is soooooo out of control.

The other thing I intend to do is go back through all the short-story reading I've done of classic authors and 'inventory' the ones I've read; reading Edwards book names kept popping up that felt too familiar, as though I read them in an anthology. I need to sort that out before starting the book hunt.
For me it will probably be more along the lines of "Top 10 -- or 15 -- or 20 most frequently mentioned" (or "authors with the most book references", or something of the sort). I think my priority is going to be a mix of those particularly praised by Edwards and those that, based on their description, particularly appeal to me.

I've also ordered the first books of Edwards's own two own major series (Harry Devlin and Lake District) -- I'm curious now if I'll like Edwards's actual fiction writing as well as his nonfiction and archivist doings ...
Obsession with words 5 years ago
omg, I´m running away. My house is already bursting at the seams.
Hahaha, yes, there's definitely a "surfeit" issue with Edwards's book! :)
Murder by Death 5 years ago
Yep - Definitely stay away from this book if you're trying to avoid book related structural damage to you home. Although the fact that most of them are out of print could work in your favour - unless you like trolling used book stores, in which case, RUN. ;-)
I think my TBR is probably experimenting with invisibility drugs as I type this.
Obsession with words 5 years ago
Mine are apparently humping like bunnies.