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The American response to Richard Surman's books? :) (Though Surman *has* yet to visit breweries and distilleries, I think.)
Murder by Death 10 months ago
I don't know, but now I have to find out!!! (Just googled him - those look good!

I think my ultimate revenge for what you do to my TBR is going to be to leave you all my books when I die. ;-) ::evil grin::
Well, this has the potential for another mystery involving exact time of death then, because I'll be doing the very same thing, so one of our heirs / estate trustees is going to be in a hell of a pickle. :D

That said, I love Richard Surman's books ... AND (dun, du-dun, dun) I have actually met two of the cats he portrays, namely, Wolfie at Salisbury Cathedral and Murphy at Mottisfont Abbey -- and I have photographic evidence of said encounters, too!
Murder by Death 10 months ago
HA - the Mystery of the Last Great Book Haul!... or something like that. :D

I don't think I've ever met any famous cats... although I have spent quality time with Hemingway's cats in Key West, if that counts. :)

Were Wofie and Murphy pre-arranged audiences, or were you just blessed enough to find yourself in their presence? (See what I did there? ::grin::)
Nothing pre-arranged -- surprise visitations, as befitting their god-like selves! :D (More prosaically speaking, Wolfie was hanging around the Salispbury Cathedral gift shop hoping to snatch the chance goodie from a soft-hearted tourist; Murphy had erroneously concluded it was past closing time and he'd have the Mottisfont rose garden to himself ... which was a miscalculation by some 15 or 20 minutes, IIRC.)

Hemingway's cats are probably the most famous cats of all, so don't you go telling me you haven't met any feline royalty ...

"The Mystery of the Last Great Book Haul" -- I feel a cozy coming on there. Love it! :D