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Fabulous pics! St. Martin would feel honored, I'm sure.
Portable Monsters 12 months ago
Why don't I ever get to accidentally find myself somewhere as fabulous as a vineyard? When I accidentally find myself somewhere, it's usually somewhere very boring, like a hotel conference center or something.
Murder by Death 12 months ago
This was a first for me, I swear! The brother-in-law said he'd rented a big house that slept 14+ for the long weekend and I was picturing one of those really anonymous holiday/investment houses. I was stunned when we arrived and saw it; it's actually a working vineyard (also not a commercial sized one) so there were two houses and a giant harvest/fermentation room on the property.

Although I will say the inside of the houses were very basic - nothing posh (which makes sense when you figure they rent it out to strangers). Overall, it was pretty awesome. :)
Tannat 12 months ago
So are we talking astronomical dawn, nautical dawn, or civil dawn?

Murder by Death 12 months ago
::throws unripe grapes at Tannat:: None of the above, lol.

Well, at least I've always heard it referred to as "first light". The sun had not yet shown itself over the horizon. Most of the light from that first pic is actually moonlight; in fact, it was still early enough for the foxes to be out and about (saw one streaking through the vines).
Char's Horror Corner 12 months ago