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Linda Hilton 11 months ago
Details like hurricane force winds are important because when an author -- or editor -- gets it wrong, the reader may not trust anything else.
Exactly. I may not be aware of / notice every instance like that, but if and when I do, I immediately start wondering what else the author may not have researched properly.
Linda Hilton 11 months ago
To quote the wise Themis-Athena, Exactly! ;-)
Hah. Smart alecky is more like ... :)

But yeah, this sort of thing just is an unnecessary distraction from the story itself. Which is a particular shame in an otherwise good (or decent) book, because it may also mean that the reader is going to miss some details that are important to the plot development ...
Murder by Death 11 months ago
I started to wonder as I wrote the review if she made the same mistake I almost did. I had started to type up a rant that this storm wasn't even a tropical storm, it was a depression, and shouldn't have even been named in the first place. Then I realised I was looking at the minimum *km/h* speeds, which are 63km/h for a Tropical Storm. Luckily I caught myself before getting too far, because I was pretty confident about hurricanes being 70-something mph, which made me look closer at the information.

It's still wrong, but if she made the same error, and 63km/h got rounded down to 60, and nobody caught the km/h vs mph, it would make more sense to me how it happened. Not that it would make it ok, just more logical.
Portable Monsters 11 months ago
Yeah, there's really no excuse for getting something wrong that's so easily checkable.