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Darth Pony 11 months ago
Ahh! Living the high life! ;) I love cats, but I'm allergic, so I live vicariously through other people's cat pics. Thank you for providing this important service. ♥
BrokenTune 11 months ago
'Lito, the cutest little stoner ever?
Totally in the zone!
Obsession with words 11 months ago
Oh, beautiful kitty! I´m very allergic to cats so I have to enjoy them through pictures and funny cat videos. Thanks for sharing your stoner cat. He´s so chill.
Char's Horror Corner 11 months ago
Awwww, he looks so happy!
Murder by Death 11 months ago
Ah yes, our adorable little addict... there will be a follow up picture / post... it's all fun and games until you over-indulge...
Oh, no! :(
Person Of Interest 11 months ago
Love this one! He's one very mellow kitty.
Elentarri's Book Blog 11 months ago
I love the kitty pictures.